Management of the MoS project Rostock-Gedser

The high-frequency ferry service (“Traffic Machine”) between the ports of Rostock and Gedser connects Germany with Denmark. Since 2011 the terminal facilities of both ports have been rebuilt and finally two new RoPax ferries entered service (2016/17). The doubling of capacity also necessitated the adaptation of the hinterland connections of both ports.

Wilhelm Borchert has contributed significantly to the financing of short sea shipping. In 2010 (TEN-T) and 2014 (CEF-T) Wilhelm Borchert successfully applied for funding from the European Commission totalling EUR 30.8 million for the MoS project. Since then Wilhelm Borchert advises the consortium of Scandlines and the port of Rostock on strategic issues and supports the partners in the project implementation. In addition, Wilhelm Borchert are responsible for the entire reporting system.