Strategy consulting

Per definition, a “strategy” is a detailed plan of action which serves to achieve a merely political and/ or economic goal, and in which those factors that could affect the proper actions are taken into account from the outset.

The development of an effective strategy begins with a thorough ‘as is’-analysis, i.e. the adequate mapping of the actual situation, (re-)defining goals and identifying key business driving factors. Such an inventory requires a careful recording of facts as it forms the base for all future actions. Internal and external decision making parameters resp. -drivers are reviewed steadily, considering the tensions of objectives and opportunities. From here, an effective strategy can be derived and realised.

Multi-layered facets determine an organisation’s future direction and targets, and thus the underlying strategy. In the transport market, a number of different strategies are followed by a variety of actors. Applying vertical and/ or horizontal integration or diversification, specification or generalization, large companies or small or medium enterprises (SMEs) strive for organic and/ or artificial growth.

Not only for the global economy, but in particular the European Union, shipping and ports play important roles. More than 90% of freight flows as a result of external trade relations of the Union, and are based on a reliable and effective maritime transport system. About 40% of all intra-European shipments require smooth transport by sea-going and inland navigation.

Strategic and management consulting as core business of Wilhelm Borchert

Our client generally want to align to the market or to improve their portfolio of service. They therefore benefit from our holistic consulting and solution-oriented approach; either when looking for market alignment or improvement of service portfolios, developing new organisational and/ or financial structures and/ or minimising risks. Therefore, we provide the in-depth practical experience of our management team, as well as the broad international knowledge of our partner network.