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Setting the course - utilising chances - avoiding risks


In the mid-1930s, Hamburg Visionary, Wilhelm Borchert founded his first company. He offered all types of transport services with a delivery van he built himself. At the beginning of the German recovery, the company focused on the disposing and supplying of civil engineering projects. Later, the innovative businessman expanded his services to include the dismantling and sale of building materials. In the mid-1960s, Wilhelm Borchert was given the permission to dispose residual materials on his landfill. Even 70 years after the company foundation the company’s aim was the trading and transport of bulk cargo.


Since August 2010 an interdisciplinary group of highly qualified experts provide, under the umbrella of Wilhelm Borchert GmbH, consultancy and management services primarily for the transport, logistics and trade sectors. The range of services include the tasks of the complete project cycle: analysis and appraisal – concept and planning – financing and investment – realisation, execution and verification – evaluation and correction. Operational and economical, as well as public issues, are thereby equally familiar to us. Together with our clients and partners, we strive for the realisation of benefits and added value, regardless of whether it is at a local, national or international level.



Successful consulting, effective logistics and efficient processes require transparency and mutual trust of those involved. Maintaining integrity and accountability during a project, for the time of the cooperation and naturally beyond, are prerequisites for our collaboration. Sustainable success and satisfaction can only be established on the basis of reliability from the client’s side, as well as in a partnership.


In-depth knowledge can only be built over a long period of time. In contrast, plans and provisions often require the immediate availability of specific expertise. As experts, some with more than 30 years of experience, we can act quickly, reliably and effectively. Hence, our team is normally put together according to our customer’s requirements and the respective scope of work.


As an independent company, we strive for a resilient and long-term cooperation with our clients. With the maximum amount of discretion, we bring together our knowledge and network. To achieve an optimal result, it requires an equally high level of logical rationality and commitment, without neglecting the social contact. We ask this of ourselves and our partners at all times in line with the objectives.


Supplier of ideas

Changes and improvements always begin with an idea. Our independency and readiness to think in a broader sense, enables us to develop innovative approaches; as a think-tank, or in direct cooperation with the client. Our experience puts us in the position to realise developed concepts under the most difficult conditions.

Solution finder

Lingering corporate blindness, lack of leeway and resources are only a few of the reasons why an assignment is delayed or why problems arise. As experienced specialists from various fields, we help our clients to direct their focus, be creative and to develop efficient approaches. Only in this way can the potential increase and added value be created.

Project doer

Many organisations do not lack vision, however, the development of ideas often remains incomplete and lateral thinking is not part of the daily routine. Here we introduce and apply further approaches as well as resources. Thereby processes can be started, continued or adjusted. Based on our values and experience we support or see ourselves as the responsible party, in realising a project – with or for our clients.