Strategic financial advice

The implementation of innovative and even partly basic projects becomes more and more challenging. More often it requires a considerable (external) financial commitment and is accompanied by diversified issues.

The governmental influence on the transport industry is increasing. In the light of this, provider of transport services and infrastructure may benefit from regional, national and international/ European subsidy and financing instruments. These include Horizon 2020, LIFE Plus, TEN/ Connecting Europe Facility of the European Commission as well as a plurality of. national and regional programmes (promotion of innovation, combined transport and improvement of the regional economic structure (GRW) etc.).

Funding requires an official application and large external benefits

In general, access to public funding and financial instruments is conditional, but open to all eligible actors under equal terms. Available budgets of funding and/ or debt finance such as subsidies, credits, guarantees and/ or public-private partnership models are limited; interested parties have to apply for those following official procedures.

The involvement of public money and/ or interest in a transport project is related to its contribution to particular objectives and needs. Most often those can be grouped into improvement/ development of capacity, efficiency, quality, safety, environmental performance and innovation. Regional and technical/ operational integration of transport modes and infrastructure include the reduction of barriers and closing of gaps. Socio-economic benefits, modal shift, cohesion and growth are important aspects of funding projects, too.

A successful application is not always easy especially for complex and demanding projects. It requires expertise and experience so that a funding consultancy is profitable.

Wilhelm Borchert is a leading funding consultant in Europe

In dozens of transport projects, we have successfully supported a large number of private, public and governmental clients from regional, national and European level. Since the early 2000s, we managed a cumulated project value of approx. 500 million Euros and generated funding in the range of 100 million Euros often under complex partnership structures.

Following our vast experience in the field of strategic funding advice, we are proficient in all required tasks of the project cycle – from programme identification to funding project closure. We command project and stakeholder management, conduction of assessments and analyses (environment, finance, market and (socio-economic) cost-benefit and feasibility) as well as identification and management of project risk.

Let us advise you and use the chances of funding for your organisation.