Strategic financing consulting for one of the largest liner shipping companies in Northern Europe

The Finnish ferry company Finnlines Plc (Finnlines) is part of the Grimaldi Group and with about 20 of its own combined passenger cargo-ships it mainly serves the Baltic Sea and North Sea shipping areas. Every year Finnlines carries more than 570,000 passengers, 624,000 loading units, 156,000 cars and more than 2 million tons of freight.

In the period 2014 to 2017, Wilhelm Borchert worked for Finnlines Fördermittel i.H.v. 17.9 million Euros was raised (number of grant applications: three under the European program CEF-T) with a cumulated investment volume of just under 60 million Euros (corresponding to a funding rate of 30%). Thematic focus of the promotion was on the ship related i.e. the conversion to more environmentally friendly technologies and increased efficiency. In doing so Wilhelm Borchert made a major contribution to ensuring that Finnlines can continue to live up to the regulations and changed requirements of the market and celebrate its best operating result since the company was founded.

Wilhelm Borchert is responsible for ongoing project management and all related administrative tasks in addition to the application for funding. This includes the creation of reports and the planning and execution of working meetings in addition to communication with all project partners (including the INEA, which is the EU’s competent executive agency).

Currently, in consultation with Finnlines, Wilhelm Borchert is looking for additional opportunities to support Finnlines’ large-scale ship-side investment program with suitable funding opportunities.