Sustainability management

The concept of sustainability integrates economic, environmental and social aspects. Taking into consideration employee and economic aspects, sustainability combines economic and environmental objectives of a private, public or governmental organisation. Sustainability is geared towards a long-term security and growth strategy. Thus our integrated approach includes the interdependence of the actions and effects of all the above areas.

Growing awareness of sustainability in the private and public level

More and more companies are orientating their strategies towards and targets of sustainability. National and European legislation are moving market participants in the transport and logistics sector to a long-term strategy alignment. Here, sustainability objectives are to consider including growth, environmental protection and social acceptability.

Wilhelm Borchert has developed its own Sustainability Management System

Together with industrial partners, Wilhelm Borchert has been dealing with issues of sustainability for several years. The business focus is on the (maritime) transport industry, in particular port authorities and port operators. In addition to our planning, financial, operational and logistical knowledge, we apply our knowledge of management and market trends, as well as policy objectives in a solution-oriented way.

Due to the high relevance of sustainability management and an increasing need of the different stakeholders in transport and logistics industry to become future-proof, Wilhelm Borchert has successfully initiated several sustainability management projects with European port and shipping companies.