The EU Green Loop

Successful support of a European funded project for the provision of LNG as a maritime fuel

In order to establish liquified natural gas (LNG) as an alternative fuel in the European maritime sector an experienced project consortium of a French LNG terminal operator, two shipping companies and a mineral oil company have come together to achieve this goal.

In the framework of this project the project partners want to build the necessary scaled-up port-side infrastructure and put a bunker barge into operation to cover the LNG demand for Ultra Large Container Vessels on their round trip from Europe to the Far East. In addition, all LNG relevant procedures and safety regulations for the execution of bunkering operations of LNG during the loading and unloading operations will be developed.

Wilhelm Borchert has raised EUR 11 million in funding for investments and activities from the European Union for the implementation of this project. The project will be funded under the 2017 CEF Transport Blending multiannual program call.

For the project consortium Wilhelm Borchert has created the application for funding and is currently supporting the consortium in the implementation of the project and compliance with all funding-relevant tasks.

UPDATE: Since 2018 we have successfully supported the consortium of the Action ‘EU Green Loop’ which is funded under the CEF-T programme of the European Union.

On Friday, 18/09/2020, the consortium achieved a major Action implementation milestone: the ‘naming ceremony’ of the worldwide largest LNG bunker vessel ‘Gas Agility’ at the Port of Rotterdam.

We congratulate the consortium on this achievement and look forward to achieving the next milestone on the way to a more environmentally friendly transport solution in Europe!

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