Promotion of a regional bio-LNG plant

The Baden-Württemberg based Erdgas Südwest GmbH intends to build an innovative bio-LNG plant (annual capacity of approx. 3,700 tonnes of biogenic LNG). The plant will only liquefy and store locally produced biogas (on a pure biomass basis). The bio-LNG can be delivered as an environmentally friendly fuel to the transport sector or fed as gas or electricity into the (European) energy network.

The high level of innovation as well as the congruence of the project with regional, national and European energy and transport targets has prompted Erdgas Südwest to apply for EU funding within the 2016 CEF Synergy Call.

Wilhelm Borchert advised the company strategically and designed, prepared and submitted the application for a 60 percent subsidy. If the application is approved by the responsible agency of the European Commission (INEA) then Wilhelm Borchert will also assist the beneficiary in the mandatory project management.